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Album: Gipo A So Piemont [free mp3]

Release: 0 year
Artist: Gipo Farassino
Album Tracks: 22 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Gipo A So Piemont download


File Size      #
1. Gipo Farassino - Track 01.mp3 (3.43mb) download
2. Gipo Farassino - Track 02.mp3 (1.02mb) download
3. Gipo Farassino - Track 03.mp3 (1.55mb) download
4. Gipo Farassino - Track 04.mp3 (1.42mb) download
5. Gipo Farassino - Track 05.mp3 (2.42mb) download
6. Gipo Farassino - Track 06.mp3 (3.59mb) download
7. Gipo Farassino - Track 07.mp3 (4.10mb) download
8. Gipo Farassino - Track 08.mp3 (3.18mb) download
9. Gipo Farassino - Track 09.mp3 (2.99mb) download
10. Gipo Farassino - Track 10.mp3 (3.86mb) download
11. Gipo Farassino - Track 11.mp3 (4.67mb) download
12. Gipo Farassino - Track 12.mp3 (0.70mb) download
13. Gipo Farassino - Track 13.mp3 (3.24mb) download
14. Gipo Farassino - Track 14.mp3 (2.38mb) download
15. Gipo Farassino - Track 15.mp3 (0.45mb) download
16. Gipo Farassino - Track 16.mp3 (3.76mb) download
17. Gipo Farassino - Track 17.mp3 (6.35mb) download
18. Gipo Farassino - Track 18.mp3 (3.93mb) download
19. Gipo Farassino - Track 19.mp3 (4.51mb) download
20. Gipo Farassino - track 20.mp3 (14.79mb) download
21. Gipo Farassino - Track 21.mp3 (3.75mb) download
22. Gipo Farassino - Track 22.mp3 (2.93mb) download

Album: Tutto [free mp3]

Release: 0 year
Artist: Gipo Farassino
Album Tracks: 51 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Tutto download


File Size      #
1. Gipo Farassino - La balada del rusca?n.mp3 (2.65mb) download
2. Gipo Farassino - 'L tole 'd Civas.mp3 (4.12mb) download
3. Gipo Farassino - 'l tole 'd Civass.mp3 (3.72mb) download
4. Gipo Farassino - Alessandria Street.mp3 (4.39mb) download
5. Gipo Farassino - Auguri.mp3 (1.83mb) download
6. Gipo Farassino - Avere un amico(1).mp3 (3.09mb) download
7. Gipo Farassino - Ballata per un eroe.mp3 (4.12mb) download
8. Gipo Farassino - Barierante'S Night.mp3 (3.71mb) download
9. Gipo Farassino - Camila.mp3 (3.68mb) download
10. Gipo Farassino - Ciao Turin.mp3 (2.21mb) download
11. Gipo Farassino - Col di.mp3 (5.13mb) download
12. Gipo Farassino - Cor nen va pian.mp3 (2.24mb) download
13. Gipo Farassino - Corso Savona.mp3 (4.45mb) download
14. Gipo Farassino - Cur Nen Va Pian.mp3 (3.83mb) download
15. Gipo Farassino - Cur nen va pian dal vivo.mp3 (3.83mb) download
16. Gipo Farassino - Dammi Quella Litra.mp3 (4.58mb) download
17. Gipo Farassino - El Ceser.mp3 (7.22mb) download
18. Gipo Farassino - Ente Turismo.mp3 (0.51mb) download
19. Gipo Farassino - Garino.mp3 (0.74mb) download
20. Gipo Farassino - Giovanass.mp3 (7.08mb) download
21. Gipo Farassino - Girano.mp3 (5.21mb) download
22. Gipo Farassino - Ij wahha put-hanga.mp3 (2.94mb) download
23. Gipo Farassino - Il bar del mio rione.mp3 (3.21mb) download
24. Gipo Farassino - In Vino Veritas.mp3 (4.84mb) download
25. Gipo Farassino - Je Suis Chuch Ce Soir.mp3 (5.07mb) download
26. Gipo Farassino - La Mudaja.mp3 (2.04mb) download
27. Gipo Farassino - La Predica.mp3 (6.37mb) download
28. Gipo Farassino - La Principessa Sukay-Pet.mp3 (3.45mb) download
29. Gipo Farassino - La bela famija.mp3 (1.05mb) download
30. Gipo Farassino - La predica dal vivo.mp3 (6.65mb) download
31. Gipo Farassino - Le Scarpe Nuove.mp3 (4.27mb) download
32. Gipo Farassino - Mamma Mia Che Calura.mp3 (5.53mb) download
33. Gipo Farassino - Manequin.mp3 (3.47mb) download
34. Gipo Farassino - Mary.mp3 (1.55mb) download
35. Gipo Farassino - Matilde Pellissero.mp3 (3.37mb) download
36. Gipo Farassino - Mi la batlina.mp3 (3.28mb) download
37. Gipo Farassino - N'aptit da sonador.mp3 (3.81mb) download
38. Gipo Farassino - Na Parentela Baraventana.mp3 (2.37mb) download
39. Gipo Farassino - Non devi piangere Maria.mp3 (3.57mb) download
40. Gipo Farassino - Per 'l decoro 'dla sita.mp3 (3.54mb) download
41. Gipo Farassino - Perche.mp3 (1.46mb) download
42. Gipo Farassino - Serenata ciucatuna ( tango ).mp3 (4.36mb) download
43. Gipo Farassino - Serenata ciucatuna.mp3 (4.36mb) download
44. Gipo Farassino - T'em ciamave Prusott.mp3 (3.22mb) download
45. Gipo Farassino - Tango se mai.mp3 (4.17mb) download
46. Gipo Farassino - Turin Bel Cheur.mp3 (3.28mb) download
47. Gipo Farassino - Veui mostreve na riceta.mp3 (2.69mb) download
48. Gipo Farassino - Veuj Comi.mp3 (3.52mb) download
49. Gipo Farassino - Veuj Compreme na casina.mp3 (2.41mb) download
50. Gipo Farassino - Veuj Cumpremji na casina dal vivo.mp3 (3.52mb) download
51. Gipo Farassino - La balada del ruscA?n.mp3 (2.65mb) download

[ 50 Cent feat. Lloyd Banks, Ton: True Loyalty ]

Artist: 50 Cent feat. Lloyd Banks, Ton
Song: True Loyalty

[50 Cent]
Unh, yeah..I like the way this feel right here
yo...turn me up in the head phones just a lil' bit

[50 Cent + (Lloyd Banks)]
There ain't shit in this world deeper than loyalty and love
(Except loyalty and love, between thugs)
For you, I pull up in the whip and spray the whole strip
(For you, I walk up close and lay a nigga's kin)
For you, there ain't a damn thing that I won't do
I'm a Thug, this my way I show, my love for you
(Nigga for you, I get the coke, I'ma turn it into cash)
For you, if we go broke, we gon' rob a nigga ass
(For you, if we get knocked, I'ma have to take the weight
'Cause with a record like yours dogg, you ain't stayin' upstate)
Nigga for you, I kill a whole God damn crew (Why?)
'Cause I know you'd do the same thing too...haha
I ride, you ride for me, my enemies your enemies
How could you not love a Thug like me?

Would you ride for me? (you ain't even got to ask)
Would you die for me? (nigga, they blast you, they blast me)
Would you cry for me? (shit, when I die I don't cry for me, just keep reppin' Southside for me)
Nigga, you ride for me? (you ain't even got to ask)
Would you die for me? (nigga, they blast you, they blast me)
Would you cry for me? (shit, when I die I don't cry for me, just keep reppin' Southside for me)

[50 Cent + (Lloyd Banks)]
(Nigga, I'm the stem, you the crack
I'm the clip, you the gat
I'm the glock, you the mac
I'm the artist, you the trap
I'm a pen, you the pad
I'm the Dutch, you the bag
I'm the knife, you the stab
I'm the driver, you the Jag)
I'm the ice, you the bezel
I'm grimy, you ghetto
I'm the bow, you the arrow
I'm the shell, you the barrel
I'm a pimp, you a player
I'm dope, you the hustler
I'm a nine, quiet me down, you the muffler


[Tony Yayo]
You can catch me in public housing, wit' bundles of D
Or in the Santa Monica mountains, bundled up to ski
Since, time is money, I rhyme on the clock
And walk through the strip with a nine in the ox
You seen the ice, you know it's top notch
And when it comes to dice, I'm seeing' shorty to the shot box
Banks stop, guns pop through your tank top
And leave you wet up like a sonar range drop
When I grind, I wear the same thing tomorrow
When you grind, it's Showtime at the Apollo
Damn near every rapper gotta hide sixteen
Well my flow's like a ho that's sixteen
I ran through niggas, dismantled niggas
They mad 'cause they see me in Cancun bitches
But I'm ghetto, straight from the 'hood my nigga
If there's no toothbrush I'ma use my finger
I got so many minks, and so many leathers
The crib is surrounded by animal protesters
I'm a grown man, still livin' like I'm young
With the mind of an old man, full of wisdom
Here the cops come, task force van
Rock so much ice, I'm called Jack Frost man
And while we sippin' on cris', you sippin' backwash man
Your team got heart, but your heart's in my hand
You want sixteen bars, in song format
Or sixteen cars on your mom's doormat...wha

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